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who we are

What is APC-HUB?

The APC-HUB is a capacity building training institution that provides trainings on combating cybercrime to lawmakers, policymakers, judges, prosecutors, investigators, and all other multi-stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific region. Our goal is to build a strong network for international cooperation by sharing ideas and information and providing a comprehensive capacity building program on combating cybercrime to the countries in the Asia-Pacific region, in cooperation with the World Bank (WB) and Global Forum Cyber Expertise (GFCE). /

Signing MOU for the APC-HUB project with the World Bank, the GFCE, and the Supreme Prosecutors' Office of the Republic of Korea in Strasbourg, France in November 2019.



Five mission statements


Provide Training for countries in the Asia-Pacific region

To provide a comprehensive training program for multi-stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific region and a holistic approach to cybersecurity capacity assessment in judicature, legislation, prosecution, and investigation system by establishing customized strategies for each country that has different history, culture, religions, and law systems.


Share ideas on how to combat cybercrime

To strengthen law enforcement response to cybercrime through practical training courses including such as case studies and virtual currency tracing skills, and to share ideas on how to combat cybercrime with the countries in Asia-Pacific region.


Reinforce the capacity of national research and development policy

To conduct cyber capacity building training on the areas such as legislation, effectiveness of joining international conventions, policymaking, investigative techniques, and prosecution to reinforce the capacity of national research and development policy.


Build a strong network of international cooperation

To Build a strong network of cooperation for cybercrime investigation with our partners in Asia-Pacific region and countries all around world that participate and work with the APC-HUB.


Become the focal Point of cybersecurity in Asia-Pacific region

To become the focal point of cybersecurity for lawmakers, policy makers, judges, prosecutors, investigators, and all other multi-stakeholders in Asia-Pacific region by supporting policymaking, investigation, prosecution, etc.


APC-HUB`s News



Introduction to the APC-HUB program(ARF ICT Workshop in Vietnam)

On June 13, 2023, during the ARF ICT Security Workshop held in Hanoi, Vietnam, the Cyber Investigation Division of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office presented the theme "Introduction to the APC-HUB" to enhance cybercrime investigation capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region.

※ ARF (ASEAN Regional Forum): Established in 1994, the ASEAN Regional Forum is an important platform for security dialogue in the Indo-Pacific region. It provides a setting in which members can discuss current security issues and develop cooperative measures to enhance peace and security in the region. - Approximately 50 people from 23 countries attended the workshop, which was held under the theme of “Cyber Security Personnel Training Policy and Optimal Practices.” Attendees included government officials, academics, and business figures from Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines, and others.

(The contents of the presentation)



Announcement of KWPF's 10th Anniversary Event and Awards

The Cybercrime Investigation Division of the Forensic Science Investigation Department of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office attended the KWPF (Korea-World Bank Partnership Facility) 10th anniversary event on April 25th. At the event, the 'Combating Cybercrime I and II: Tools and Capacity Building for Emerging Economies' project, which was led by the World Bank and participated in by the Supreme Prosecutors' Office as one of its partners, was awarded the 'Best Analytical Advisory and Capacity Building Program' award.



APC HUB Event Highlights (1st APC-HUB Training Session)

Event Highlights (1st APC-HUB Training Session)

KSPO, The world bank, GFCE

You can watch it by clicking on the picture below.



APC-HUB's Events

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